Backup, Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery

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No matter how large or small you company is, your data is crucial to your success. Our Backup, Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery service customizes a plan your unique data structure and requirements. We leverage our clound hosting partners, Rackspace and Amazon AWS to provide the best possible solutions for your data protection needs. If you don't have a documented Backup, Redundancy, and Disaster Recovery plan, you need one! 

We install custom data storage hardware that provides local backups of all company data. We then send incremental backup to one of our cloud hosting partners. We get daily reports of all successes and failures so that your data is always protected. 

Call today to discuss how we can protect your data. If your business burns down tonight, are you protected? 

About KBS Technology

We focus on applying innovative technology solutions to solve small business heartburn. 

Let our technology experts design the right combination of hardware, software, and mobile connectivity needs to bring your business to the next level. 

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