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"There's an app for that!" Do you have an idea for the next Snap Chat, Pokemon, or Uber? Apps are here to stay and with more and more users consuming the majority of their information on mobiel devices, many companies are investing heavily in mobile technology. There are two classifications of mobile apps, in our opinion. Busines to consumer (B2C) apps like Open Table and Facebook. Any Busines to Business (B2B), which are usually distributed to specifically targeted customers.

Regardless of the function of the app, its purpose will (or should be) be to make money. While not the first step, know how to monitize your application is something you should think about from the beginning. Mobile apps go through the same design and develop process listed for normal websites. The major difference between mobile apps and websites, is that almost all mobile apps require a web server (website) to supply content, authorizations, and other key functionalities. 

Once the design is complete, building out the web server is the next step. Setting up the content entities and fields that will be created and consumed by the app is a crucial step. You must design and develop for rapid growth so that your application can sustain as much good fortune as possible. 

One of the things we've learned in our mobile app projects is project scope ALWAYS changes. We recommend time/materials contracts for mobile apps which forces constant communication between our team members and the client. 

Give us the opportunity to discuss your mobile app with you and we promise you won't regret it!



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