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People often confuse Website Design with Website Developement. While KBS Technology does both, they are very different. Website Design is the process by which KBS Technology forms how your website will look and feel. Sometimes refered to as Tone & Manner, the design of a website sets a user's first impression. We eat with our eyes first, so why wouldn't we evaluate a website the same way. 

The UX or User Experience refers to the process of interaction; how does a user interact with your website. UX is crucial to building a successful website, regardless of its desired purpose or outcome. Our designers utilize a wire frame process to draft out each element and screen of your project before actually writing any HTML or CSS. We'll discuss feature placement and workflow so that all features and functionality are included in the development estimate. 

Think UX design much like blue prints for a new house. Without a good design, our developers won't be able to accurately estimate production costs and key features and functionality may be missed in initial releases. 

Like much in life, you get out of this process what you put into it. The more you invest on the design side, the easier, faster, and more efficient the development side will be. 

About KBS Technology

We focus on applying innovative technology solutions to solve small business heartburn. 

Let our technology experts design the right combination of hardware, software, and mobile connectivity needs to bring your business to the next level. 

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